The best solution is not always the most obvious. You can depend on our team to help navigate complex business situations and provide options to reach the best solution.

We have extensive experience providing turnaround, crisis management, and interim management consulting services to companies, creditors, investors and lenders. Complex decisions related to buying or selling a company, debt restructuring, business wind down or whether or not to file for bankruptcy requires an objective, unbiased perspective and understanding of all the elements involved. We have successfully navigated many companies through rough waters. Learn more about our service offerings below.

Transformation Services

  • Turnaround, Workout and Crisis Management Consulting
    Our turnaround consulting work is usually accomplished by on-site turnaround consultants whose goal is to provide quick, constructive, cost-effective recommendations to address critical issues, and help the business move forward on the right path.
  • Interim and Transition Management

    During periods of financial and operational turnaround or other management transitions, we provide interim management, often filling CEO/President, COO, CFO or CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) positions. Our professionals have experience serving in these roles across multiple industries. Our ability to occupy these positions and make strategic, unbiased decisions is a key capability during difficult situations.

  • Business or Asset Liquidation

    While our goal is to help businesses re-focus on long-term survival and growth through profitability, sometimes it is unavoidable that a company must be shut down and its assets liquidated. Properly devising and executing a wind-down plan can preserve value and increase recovery to all stakeholders.

  • Buying or Selling Companies

    Selling a company as a going concern is frequently the most preferable outcome. This could include divesting some or all of the business operating units. Properly identifying acquisition candidates and preparing the company or business unit for sale is vital to a successful outcome. Our understanding of the process helps ensure the highest and fastest value for all stakeholders.

  • Recapitalization and Debt Restructuring

    Our day-to-day business organically connects us to banks, asset-based lenders, subordinated and mezzanine lenders, private equity funds and other lending sources across the country. We know how to identify the right type of financing source, and prepare timely, relevant materials to help them accurately evaluate deals, and successfully negotiate on behalf of our clients.

Litigation Services

  • Bankruptcy Advisory

    In certain situations, bankruptcy can result in the most successful outcome for stakeholders. We have a proven track record representing both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Receiverships and ABCs (Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors)

    In certain litigation matters, one or both parties may seek an impartial third party to manage assets or business entities until the dispute is resolved. When serving as a receiver or assignee, Lighthouse Management Group brings an objective, neutral viewpoint to situations which can be emotional, confrontational, or fraught with distrust.

  • Expert Witness

    We believe that nothing is more important than the truth, which is why our professionals are often asked to provide expert testimony in areas such as insolvency, fraudulent transfers, fiduciary duties, and other financial matters. Engaging Lighthouse to analyze critical data and present findings through the lens of an ethical third-party expert can strengthen a client’s case for the desired outcome.